Entertainment Announced For White Oak Community Day

On Saturday will be the day that it will be the White Oak Community Day will take place! The 11 AM festivities begin in Heritage Hill Park. The night will conclude with fireworks. Find out more information about the events and the entertainment scheduled. This article will discuss the Petting Zoo as well as formal tuxedos. Here are a few of our most loved events.

The Whammies

Since 1983 the Remains have been providing quality entertainment for Cincinnati for over 30 years. Their distinctive voice can be a testimony to their commitment to excellence in music. They perform 80s classics as well as classic and pop music. The crowd will be dancing to the energy and enthusiasm of the band. This day, the Whammies will play music from the 80s of the 1980s.

Music & Movies at Miller Park

Miller Park will be hosting an event on Saturday to show The Rock, a music and film series “The rock”. Live entertainment as well as food trucks, artists and vendors will be present at Miller Park. The film will be titled “The Wiz.” It is also possible to join an excursion and discover more about the bird’s communication. Take part in the Sterchi Farm’s Early Bird Hike starting at 8 am. Visit the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum between 11 AM to 5 PM.

It is completely free and will feature a variety of performances. In addition, the park will host End of the Line, the Allman Brothers tribute band. They’ll perform their best songs. In-Town Gallery will host a Food for the Body or Soul celebration. The event is free to all and offers many ways to enjoy the event. We’ll look at some of them:

Formal tuxedos

An elegant tuxedo is perfect for formal weddings, cruises and other events. The tuxedo looks cool and distinct from other suits. The suit is ideal for formal events or weddings outdoors. The black tuxedo pants look stunning when paired with white dresses and shirts, or suspenders. It’s a stylish way to stand out during the community’s annual celebration.

On the day of community celebrations, formal attire is appropriate for this event, which takes between 11:00 am and 22:30 at night. The tuxedo picnic will be held in the library, as part of the procession. The audience is entertained by DJ George Carney, and Matt Stevens (bomber artist). There will be food and drinks as well as games, autographs and game signings.

Petting zoo

On April 27 The Good Green Earth will host an animal petting zoo during White Oak Community Day. The petting zoo will be located just behind the Ring Toss and will feature babies goats, as well as ducks, chickens, birds and pot belly porkers. The hands-on experience is appropriate for children of all ages. Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce is the sponsor of this event.

This content is contributed by Guestomatic

This article is contributed by Guestomatic.

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