How the death of Putin’s daughter could possibly be a switching point in Russian history

800g of explosives were buried in her car’s driver’s seat, and had been set to go off as she left a Moscow festival. The Kyiv government denies that it was active in the murder, while the Azov Battalion claims it doesn’t have any evidence that Vovk ended up being a part of them. The data that has emerged on social media platforms creates an image which is not in line with Moscow’s. But, many prominent Russian journalists and Western officials, as well as well as prominent Russian diplomats are associated with opinion that the bomb within the car likely was executed by agents of Putin’s support. That’s despite Dugin’s attacks on Putin via Telegram. Russian president on Telegram.

1. Did a motor vehicle explode that was exploded in Moscow which killed a rebellious Russian Russian?

An explosive explosion took place regarding the 8th of November, which caused the death of an Moscow dissident. The blast killed the dissident as well many others near by. The blast had been strong sufficient to blast down windows of nearby structures, as well as cause massive destruction to vehicles.

2. Who is accountable for the vehicle bomb blast?

There are many theories advised concerning the motivation for the assault that caused the loss of the Russian patriotic. Some think that at fault is Vladimir Putin, but others think it had been his child. This event caused lots of debate in Russia irrespective of the person accountable.

A Short Summary

Darya Dugina is a well-known journalist who supported the Kremlin. She ended up being killed in a car attack in Moscow. This puts the Kremlin within a worryingly close relationship to your war in Ukraine. Your day before, Russian intelligence called Natalia Vovk while the agent in charge of her murder. Today, a large number of everyone was current during the funeral of Darya during the funeral in Moscow. (pictured) Darya was an eminent pro-Kremlin radio broadcaster.

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