The case for mob justice

When someone is brutally attacked and brutally beaten, it’s an incredibly tragic occasion. In this case, we talk about Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who was assaulted in the neighborhood of her San Francisco house. The incident is still an unsolved information story and it is complicated to discover much details. There is a risk that about Mrs. Pelosi wasn’t in San Francisco in the occasion of the assault as was her husband, Mr. Pelosi was the victim. It is not justifiable to commit violence of any kind, and particularly not inside the house of someone who is innocent. This is a very worrisome incident and we’ll be monitoring the information carefully for any extra details comes to light

. 1. What did the vigilante mob do to cause them to attack the station of police?

The incident that brought on the mob of vigilantes to take over the police station was destruction of a sacred monument. The lady that was detained and held at the police station was accused of desecrating monuments, and that the mob needed to punish the lady for what they believed was a crime. Some would see the selection to desecrate the monument as a grave offense. Members of the mob may think that it was simply because the lady was being held at a police station indicated that they may not be capable to punish her appropriately. The mob would view the menace of a riot at the police station as an opportunity to seek justice before their own eyes and confirm that the lady gets taken to court

. 2. Did there exist some vigilantes?

In this case the mob of vigilantes was determined to punish the woman accused of desecration to an altar of a sacred web site. They were determined to see justice accomplished and were concerned that the police were not taking adequate action to adequately sanction the woman. The end result was that they determined to get the matter into their own arms and they storming the police station in order for the police to act. While their actions were not legal however, they were clearly motivated and were driven by the justice system

. three. What was the reaction from the police on this incident?

The police took action to deal with the scenario by attempting to soothe the mob as good as calm the crowd and. The police addressed the mob to explain what was occurring. They also tried to confirm that the girl was safe as good as safe from the mob

. A Short Summary

The suspect’s husband advised officers that she was emotional distressed and may have been a factor in the brutal attack. A grievance for Blasphemy’s culpability has been filed and is presently underneath investigation


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